Calling All Submissions – 10 Years of NANO

In retrospect, it’s clear that 2006 held lots of game-changing developments. Twitter was founded! Scientists completed sequencing the human genome! And NANO Fiction published its very first issue!

We’re reading now for our tenth anniversary issue, and we’d love your work to be part of it. We’re open for general submissions, but we’d also love to see works that consider the liminal space of anniversaries and transitions of all kinds. Our complete call for submissions appears below; if you’ve got something that would fit, please send it our way!

Call for Submissions

As NANO Fiction‘s tenth anniversary approaches, we’re thinking a lot about milestones and transitions. Although we will read work on any topic, we’d particularly love to see work that explores these things broadly. What happens when you reach a significant milestone? What challenges and joys await people or systems undergoing a kind of transition? What surprises emerge as things reach an anniversary or come to an end? How have different characters commemorated anniversaries or accomplishments, and how have those commemorations unfolded in unexpected ways? What happens after the big milestone? We’re thinking about cyclical events, rites of passage, death, rebirth, return. Send us your work on transitions, on endings, on anniversaries or apocalypse.

Regardless of subject matter, we are looking for work that experiments with form while still balancing narrative. We are interested in stories we haven’t read before, stories we think we are tired of reading–but are told in such in a new way that we gain fresh insights, writing remain attentive to language and lyricism without abandoning story, and work that surprise us–but not by using a trick ending. We also are looking for writing that takes unexpected perspectives on commonly-seen stories.

For more information on how to submit, click here.