Tenth Anniversary Issue – NOW CLOSED

Issue 10.1 marks NANO Fiction‘s tenth anniversary, and we’re thinking a lot about milestones and transitions. Although we will read work on any topic, we’d particularly love to see work that explores these things broadly. What happens when you reach a significant milestone? What challenges and joys await people or systems undergoing a kind of transition? What surprises emerge as things reach an anniversary or come to an end? How have different characters commemorated anniversaries or accomplishments, and how have those commemorations unfolded in unexpected ways? What happens after the big milestone? We’re thinking about cyclical events, rites of passage, death, rebirth, return. Send us your work on transitions, on endings, on anniversaries or apocalypse.

Regardless of subject matter, we are looking for work that experiments with form while still balancing narrative. We are interested in stories we haven’t read before, stories we think we are tired of reading–but are told in such in a new way that we gain fresh insights, writing remain attentive to language and lyricism without abandoning story, and work that surprise us–but not by using a trick ending. We also are looking for writing that takes unexpected perspectives on commonly-seen stories.

We ask that all submissions be sent through our online submission manager and that previous contributors please wait two years from being published with us to submit again.

All submission guidelines are located on our submission manager website. Before submitting, we strongly recommend taking a moment to read through our online archive.

Queries and other correspondence may be sent to Elizabeth Wade at

Pieces may be selected for either web, print, or both. Unsolicited, emailed work will not be responded to.

Payment: NANO Fiction is delighted to announce that we are now in a position to pay our print contributors! Starting with issue 8.1, all writers who have work published in print editions of NANO Fiction (including reviewers and contributors to our State of Flash series) will not only receive two copies of the issue in which they are published, but they will now also be paid $20 per published piece! We know this amount maybe small, but we hope to increase the payment in the future. All payments will be made via Paypal unless otherwise requested.

Print Rights: We require exclusive print rights to all accepted work(s) for three (3) months after publication and non-exclusive print rights indefinitely for potential anthologies and promotional materials. Electronic Rights: We require exclusive electronic rights to all accepted work(s) for three (3) months after publication and non-exclusive rights indefinitely so we may include it in our online archives and ebooks.