One month left to enter!

With just one month left to enter our contest, it’s time to bring out your best! We want to see what you’ve been working on: your polished prose, your fantastic flash, your nicest nano! Send it all!

This year, our contest is judged by the amazing Kellie Wells. To celebrate NANO Fiction’s tenth birthday, the entry fee will only be $10 for up to three shorts, and all entrants will receive issue 10.1.

Consider this, if you wrote just ten words a day for the next 30 days, you’d have 300 words and possibly something great to submit! Go for it!

Curious about what we publish? Make sure to purchase an issue or check out our online archive of stories.

Send all submissions by July 1st to be entered in our 8th Annual NANO Contest and have a chance at winning $1000! That’s right…$1000! Don’t forget, the deadline is July 1st!