Last-Chance Writing Prompt #1

This is it! The last writing prompt you’re getting before the contest ends! Use it or lose it, writers! Enjoy!

Summer’s drawing to a close, which means that this year’s beach-going window is rapidly shrinking. According to recent reports, it also appears that the global beach-going window is disappearing, and that by 2030, we’ll be in a new Little Ice Age.

We’ve asked you before about winter disappearing forever; now, we want you to wonder about summer. It could be the geological season, the cultural institution, or the abstract idea of heat. Were ice cream trucks ever invented? In this world, would Sharknado be a cautionary tale of the already off-limits ocean, or a nostalgic relic of the world in which sharks were actually a possible threat? Did summer even exist in the first place? Do people miss sunburn? This lies in the details, so be specific and visceral.

You’ve only got a few days left to SUBMIT TO OUR CONTEST! Send us your best work! Good luck!