NANO Fiction’s 9.2 is Almost Here!

Spring is finally here and we at NANO Fiction are so happy to announce our latest issue!

This issue features “Of Felling” by Stephanie Devine, our 2015 NANO Prize Winner, judged by the awesome Amber Sparks, as well our Queer Feature with stories by Jess Pane, Reem Abu-Baker, Niyah Morris, Joshua Sanders, and so many more!

9.2 also is lucky to include, Entertainment for Men, a series of  paintings by Samantha Nye and an essay on the “State of Flash” by the one and only Ryka Aoki.

When we set out to put issue 9.2 together, we wanted to hear underrepresented narratives. We wanted authentic and dynamic characters. And we got what we wanted. The stories in 9.2 are both loud and subtle, both glittery and poised. There are homes in these stories and we hope you stay to live in them awhile, if only for a moment. Thank you, as always for reading and supporting NANO Fiction!

Pre-order your copy today!