The whole night he’d described himself as “exactly regular,” but at dinner, David’s hands started glowing. A sultry orange.

“Well, that’s extraordinary!” I said.

“Fool,” he gasped, astonished. “Bitch!”

No second date there. I was bummed too. Wished I hadn’t said anything, because, you know, on dark nights reading maps with him would’ve been incredible.

Miah Arnold is from rural Utah. A PhD student at the University of Houston, she has worked as an editor for Gulf Coast and Lyric Poetry Review. She has taught at the University of Houston, Writers in the Schools, and Inprint. This year her fiction has appeared in The Painted Bride Quarterly and The South Dakota Review. She was awarded a Barthleme Prize for Nonfiction in 2005 and the Inprint/Diana P. Hobby Prize for Fiction in 2007.