I Am A Monster Again

When my heart is a real thing you wear like a ring I say MY HEART IS A TOOL OF DEMOLITION. You see this is not a fact but a thing I wear like a fact. You see the rings are made of a metal that can hold us apart. You see these things are circles. Everything works in a circle. One morning you wake up and you are again like a child. You see one morning the sunlight cuts you apart, there are cuts on your forehead, there are cuts on your cheek, there is one small cut on your stomach just below your belly button. You see I am the light. I mean this godlessly. I mean that one morning you wake up and I am a monster again. Do you understand what you’ve gotten yourself into this time. Do you understand that when I lose the fucking game I really really lose. I come apart through the blinds. I take each ball of fluff out of my throat. I can’t breathe. The ordeal lasts hours and when I am finished I am like a blanket and I can’t really keep you warm. This is what I mean when I say YOU ARE THE EMPTY SACK OF BREATH. This is what I mean when I say TAKE THIS RING MY HEART AND KEEP IT CLOSE TO YOU UNTIL I SPLIT.


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Thomas Patrick Levy grew up in New Jersey, attended a high school for “at risk” teenagers, dropped out of an MFA program, and is a licensed automotive repossession agent. He is author of I Don’t Mind If You’re Feeling Alone (YesYes Books, 2012) and Please Don’t Leave Me Scarlett Johansson (Vinyl 45s Chapbooks Series, 2011). For more information, visit him online at http://thomaspatricklevy.com.