State of Flash — Strength of Flash

The strength of that phrase: its muscles, its weight. It suggests: flash fiction is a forever contender, serious and suspect with its uneven temper. It says just checking on this fierce thing, just shaking the cage.

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Welcome to the State of Flash

What is the State of Flash Fiction?

At times it seems that flash fiction is a genre that lives on the borders of poetry and fiction and that it’s most at home on the digital screen instead of in print. Yet, here at NANO Fiction we acknowledge that the genre is more complex than how the form is presented, or what terms define it.

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State Of Flash – The MFA Program

In the MFA Program you eat a lot of cheese cubes. In the MFA Program sometimes people get laid and sometimes people don’t get laid….

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State Of Flash – Why Do We Write

Hey everybody! This is the first monthly installment about the world of flash fiction (it’s small, don’t worry) written by me, Glenn Shaheen, and sometimes…

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