Twelve Days of Giving Reason Five: We Support Writers!

One of the biggest joys I have as an editor is working with authors. At NANO Fiction, we’re thrilled to publish everyone from emerging writers to established practitioners of flash. We take a lot of pride in our authors, and we work hard to support and promote them.

This support begins in production, when we review pieces and assemble the journal. But it moves well beyond the actual publication of an author’s flash. Once writers join the NANO Fiction family, we do all we can to help promote them and their contributions to the flash genre. Our interview series, “5 Questions With….” helps our readers get to know our authors a bit better, learning about their upcoming publications, their writing process, their interests and passions. We love hosting our authors for readings that help introduce them to new communities and readers–something we also accomplish through the flash fiction anthology and teaching handbook we published this year. And starting with this year, we made our support of authors even more tangible by paying¬†contributors for their accepted work. Like most non-profits, we have limited funds, but it’s important to us that we use them to recognize the work that makes NANO Fiction so special.

It’s been a big year at NANO Fiction, one that’s helped us build even more on our long-standing support for writers. The next few days of giving will feature writers who were first published with NANO Fiction. We hope you enjoy the stories of how they were first published, and consider joining us in our effort to find even more ways to nurture and promote flash authors over the years to come by making a donation today.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Wade, Managing Editor