Meet Our (Brand New) Editors: Steph Opitz

What first drew you to NANO Fiction?

I work at the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses [clmp] which means I come across a lot of literary magazines, NANO’s covers have always jumped out at me and the bite-sized pieces enabled me to read quite a bit of their material and get a sense of the magazine quickly.

Who are the writers (flash fiction or otherwise) that you most admire?

I have to be noncommittal here because I’m all over the place and my favorites are always changing for various reasons, moods, seasons. But, I would definitely cite Amelia Gray and Lydia Davis as two flash fiction writers who got me into the genre.

If you had nothing to do with reading/writing, what would you be doing?

Making mix-tapes for my friends.

When it comes to submissions, what are you looking for?

Something really inventive: using language provocatively, creating a scenario that, while possibly outlandish, makes sense within the context, something with a sense of humor.

What does your perfect day look like?

Ice lattes, crossword puzzling-finishing (so, we’re, like, obviously talking about a Monday here), biking around, seeing a movie, sharing some laughs with a few friends, and a competitive game of Big Buck Hunter at an uncrowded dive bar.