Ask Our Editors: Lynette Liwanag

What are your thoughts on the recent declines in woodworking, gentlemen’s formal hats, and decency?

As a designer, I pretty much live in a bubble and surround myself with news of beautiful things or passionate people. I haven’t really noticed a decline in woodworking because I know a very talented furniture design student whose focus is to use only the most beautiful wood and form. She keeps me updated on that small niche. Gentlemen’s formal hats should definitely make a comeback; I’ve been asking for this to happen for years. Decency? I think it’s probably at the same level as it has always been amongst any group of people. If everyone had the same standards there would be nothing to bitch about or spark some sort of desire for change.

What is your favorite color skittle?

I always pick out the red ones and eat them in a huge handful. I give away the rest.

In a zoo setting, what animal is the NANO editorial staff?

I don’t see how we could reduce a staff of many to only one species.

What is your favorite aspect of literary websites?

Content, of course.

What question do you have for people who read NANO Fiction?

What the fuck is wrong with you? I’m just kidding. I’d firstly like to thank you wholeheartedly for reading and supporting NANO Fiction. I’ve personally noticed how much we’ve grown and evolved over the past few years which makes me wonder: what would you like us to offer in the future that we don’t already provide? But, what I’d really, really love to know is, what inspires you?