Ask Our Editors: Angela So

When will the next issue come out?

Soon! Be on the lookout for an eblast or keep an eye on our website. (Pre-order the new issue here!)

In your opinion, which U.S. President can or should be considered most poetic?

This is such a hard question! I’m not very political, so I’m going to answer this to the best of my abilities. I think there’s a reason that we come back to certain presidents in history and it’s not because of their policies but because of their speeches and their persona. There was a NYT article floating around Facebook about Obama and how his administration was missing its narrative and that leadership required vision and the articulation of that vision. Then I heard Bill Clinton on NPR and I’ll admit that it was nice to hear someone frank and not “poetic.” So, as you can see, I’ve given you non-real answers because I don’t have one. Sorry!

What made you want to work for NANO Fiction?

While getting my undergraduate degree, I had the amazing pleasure of working for Gulf Coast, and when I graduated, I wanted to learn more about journals and publishing. The amazing (and sometimes frustrating) part of working for a journal with no university affiliation is the freedom. We do it all in our free time (everyone is either in graduate school or works a full time job), and working for NANO Fiction has really taught me the ups and downs of publishing.

What is your favorite kind of submission?

For me, I look for the things that I enjoy in any type of reading–surprise and emotional resonance.

What question do you have for people who read NANO Fiction?

What have been some of your favorite pieces?