Ask Our Editors: Eric Todd

Why don’t people tell me when my shirt’s on backwards?

That must just be you. People tell me when my shirt’s on backwards all the time. People tell me my shirt’s backwards when it’s on correctly. People reach into the back of my shirt, rip out the tag, and show it to me just to prove a point about how badly I’m dressed. I also often get questions like this:

“Why are you wearing that?”
“You know you look really stupid, right?”
“It’s not even cold outside.”
“What’s the matter with you?”
“Why did you sleep with my sister?”
“What’s my dog’s name?”
“Do I look fat in this tank top?”

Friends should care enough to tell you when something’s wrong. Whether that something is wrong with you physically, emotionally, or just intrinsically, your friends should be there to point it out. I don’t want to make assumptions about your life, but it seems like you might want to reconsider who you choose to spend your time with.

What are your thoughts on nano physics?


Do you always agree with the other editors?

Yes and no. We disagree on a lot of things but always agree on what to disagree about. We tend to publish work about which we agree and disagree. I find that the best way to come to an agreement is an initial disagreement. I believe that Nano Fiction generally operates on these principles, and they are what make us the best literary journal in America.

What is your favorite kind of submission?

I don’t have a favorite kind of submission. Submissions that make me remember I’m a human being.

What question do you have for people who read NANO Fiction?

What’s your favorite story we’ve ever published? Do you often confuse us with a Modern Science offshoot? Do you like the internet? Why don’t you call me anymore? What if we all dressed up as zombie versions of our favorite editors of other magazines? Would that be fun or insulting? How about Thai food? Rap music? What if we published tiny cartoons that you could only read with tiny microscopes? Is violence still an effective way to flirt? Do you know if God ever answered Margaret? Would you let me cut your hair? Gel or no gel? What about spray paint? Should we expand or reduce our word limit? Obama or NObama? Do you regret having children? How do you change the break pads on a ’97 Cutlass?