The Mountainview Middle School Geography Bee

As a reminder, this is a single-elimination round. You must provide a correct answer to continue in the competition.

Congratulations on making it this far.

Let’s begin:

What part of your body most resembles the Jutland Peninsula?

Identify the language of the following sentence and the parent whose shortcomings it most reminds you of: Je bois pour oublier la honte, mais j’ai honte de boire.

True or false: The official national secretion of Canada is tears.

I’m sorry, the answer is false: Canada is a commonwealth, not a nation.

You are one of the innumerable species of fish inhabiting the Great Barrier Reef in the Pacific Ocean. Your neighbors are the noble green sea turtle and the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin. The movement of the anemones’ flagella is, to you, like music. You know nothing of uncertainty. Then, little by little, the ph level of the water drops, and its temperature rises. The once vibrant coral becomes sterile and gray. Where are you now to call home, and how do you, with your animal simplicity, plan to relocate?

On this map of Asia, point to Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Now point to your mouth.

Would the young lady in the gingham sweater please direct her mindless gaze away from my birthmark?

If one million Africans die of starvation this year, and 100,000 more of malaria, what is the principal export of a corked waterfall, sugar or quinine?

Identify which one of the following cities’ names is not derived from a Native American tongue: Cherokee, Pontiac, Denver, Undoing.

True or false: the capital of Mississippi is under water.

Inga travels to Latvia to investigate the disappearance of her ancestry. Upon arrival, she remembers that she left all of her medication in her backpack, which she threw in the Baltic Sea days earlier. If Inga proceeds by foot from the capital to the Gulf of Riga, how far, in meters, will she be from the water when she turns to stone?

I’m sorry, the answer is the phantom limb of yesterday.

In the last three decades, the United States has supported the overthrow of democracies in five Latin American nations.

Name them.

Of the seven major world continents, which is most like your earliest memory of shame? most unlike? (Hint: The two answers may not necessarily be different.)

Name three world wars that begin with the letter W.

Name three reasons why you are here.

True or false: Everywhere is a burial ground.

I may repeat the question as many times as you wish.

James Davis graduated from the University of Houston in May with a bachelor's degree in French. He plans to begin his master's in creative writing in Fall 2008. But you know what they say about plans.