I Heart Udo Kier

All hail the miracle of 3D. The rat’s eye view of the housekeeper, giblets dangling through the sewer grate. Then nipples reaching out for you. Who cares if this one can’t act? He’s eugenic. Aryan. Now off to the bordello to slum it with the peasants.

Then it’s cinéma vérité. Hire hustlers to play hustlers Get addicts to play addicts Shoot them shooting up in the bald vein of daylight. The quiver of electrified flesh. Lustrous hair. The choicest flesh selected from the dailies. A film is beasts, edited together. Morrissey makes it look so easy. I could make a film, but better. Just look at you. Your head’s about to wobble off. Can’t your stitches hold for eighty damned minutes?

Evan J. Peterson writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. His first full length book, entirely narrated by Frankenstein’s monster, is almost complete. His work has recently been or will soon be featured in The Southeast Review, The Portland Review, Slurve, Sweet, Studies in the Fantastic, and The Black Garden Anthology of Horror. He loves you monstrously.