Dramatis Personae

William Charles: Owner of the town’s boot factory. Beatrice Charles: His wife. The brains of the operation.

Alphonse Charles: Eldest Charles child, prone to fits of madness, hidden deep in the Charles’ mansion.

Earnest Charles: A rude, arrogant man with enough intelligence to fulfill his ego’s oversized ambitions, engaged to Elizabeth, in love with Rudolph.

Clarice Charles: Power-hungry, intimidating, engaged to Rudolph.

Michael Charles: Away at college, has dreams of becoming an artist, con- siders Gale his muse.

Herkimer Charles: Was a child prodigy, in love with Elizabeth, visiting from Italy.

Bruce Carlisle: Cultural patriarch of the town, comes from “old money,” widower.

Chloe Carlisle: Combats her dangerous passion for Alphonse through pre- tending to be a spinster caring for her aging father.

Elizabeth Carlisle: She feels as though she is made out of glass, and could shatter at any moment.

Dove Carlisle: Placid and kind exterior hides a hellcat seeking domination and drama, yearns for Herkimer, toys with David.

Mayor Marcellus Worthington: Brilliant statesman and politician, haunted by his past.

Rachel Worthington: Devoted wife and perfect running mate, fills the void within by spying on her children.

Rudolph Worthington: Idealist, optimist, dangerously canny, seeks to usurp the elder generation’s corrupt power.

David Worthington: A soft boy in a hard time, parrots his brother’s values out of love.

Gale Worthington: Lives the pampered life, sheltered from everything except Michael’s piercing gaze.

Stephanie Worthington: Seeks to develop her feelings for Chloe, yet lives in fear of the results of bearing her heart.

Jeremiah Worthington: In a constant losing rivalry with Herkimer for Dove, an honest young man who could never become a prodigy’s equal.

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