I remember when a popsicle was just a popsicle. Reagan was president. I lived on Woodland Street and had a chocolate lab mutt and I thought she was a real chocolate lab. I crushed Chex-Mix with a meat mallet and put it on my tongue. I heated the soap dish with hot water to iron Troll clothes. I looked down at my shoes and I looked up at the oak trees. I thought my yard was enormous. Mom had Robert Redford and Sean Connery. I had Elijah Wood in Forever Young. We thought about our lovers. We listened to Roxette and I thought both she and my Mom were all right. We did not have a cat. My chocolate lab was better than my mom and she was better than Roxette. It must have been love.

Megan Roth is a freelance writer and editor from Birmingham, Alabama. Her work has appeared in POEM, Defenestration, Elimae, and is forthcom- ing in Word Riot.