Lady of Guadalupe, will you lie next to me and caress me? Am I being too forward? I cross my heart and hope to die that I won’t touch you unless the mood should strike the both of us. Is it okay to play with your toes? Mother Helper of all Christians, will you let me wear your crown and dance in cir- cles around your naked frame? Do you hide your legs because of varicose veins? Those doctors have a cure. Has your nose always been crooked? Mother of all Christians, take off your robe so I will be able to cure your pains. You have given love and now this love I must return. Expose yourself to me. I will kiss your thighs. Expose yourself to me. Arch your back as I kiss your thighs. Do not tremble with fear, my sweet. Please do not look away. My mole is permanent. Can I play with your phenomenal hips? Will you not look me in the eyes? Let down your hair and expose yourself to me. Expose yourself to me.

Jason Kerzinski resides in Chicago where he is a painter by trade but has an itch for writing.