In your aunt’s backyard: squash of no compare. Lettuce sprout- ing full-frond from neat hillocks, trees with arms weighed down by pomegranates. The chickens escaped from their hutch a long time ago. You had to hunt for the eggs, inside a forgotten tire, beneath the sheltering leaf of a plantain, in the shadows at the back corner of the house beside the porch. Get them! Get them! your aunt screamed. You found one once hatching, the beak of the chick questing forth from the trembling surface of shell. Little man, you said, what are you doing? Go back inside, for the sake of your life! When your aunt cracked it into a pan the yolk was a full- bodied yellow. Isn’t it good? she said. Yes, you said very carefully. It’s delicious.

Carmen Lau’s stories have appeared in Wigleaf, The Collagist, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Fairy Tale Review, Gigantic, Prick of the Spindle, and other journals. Her story collection manuscript, The Girl Wakes, won Alternating Current’s Electric Book Award and will be published in 2016. She blogs at and tweets @artemisathene.