Poor Boys in Trouble

Kira made Dutch a mix tape with only one song, dubbed over and over and over again. It was an act of aggression. If Dutch makes it all the way through, which he will not, but if he does, he will find a message hidden thirty minutes into side B. The song is “Stewball Was a Racehorse” by Peter, Paul, and Mary. The message is fifteen seconds of silence dubbed into the second verse of the twenty-third repetition of the song. If Dutch turns up the volume very, very high during those fifteen seconds, which he will not, but if he does, he will hear Kira whisper, “only if you say it first.”
Kira said, “What if we crash and one of us dies and the other has to live with the shame of having killed the other?”
Dutch said, “What if the one who dies is the driver, and the passenger is paralyzed, and the paralyzed survivor has to live with both the sorrow of losing you, and the anger at being left paralyzed?”
Kira said, “Why am I the driver?”
Dutch said, “You paralyze me all the time.”
When Peter, Paul, and Mary met, Mary was thin and beautiful and blond. Later, she became very fat, and Peter and Paul lost all their hair. Then Mary died of leukemia. Peter and Paul went on

Elisabeth Geier writes, teaches, and tends to a small farm in Oregon.