Car Wash

Not the regular kind, but Do-It-Yourself. Out in the middle of Utah or Nevada, somewhere hot and brown and desolate. So dry the water felt good. I’d eaten the peyote buttons, felt sick, not so coordinated. John lathered and rinsed. I sat in the wet and watched. This was our preparation for Los Angeles. A breach of contract loomed like the desert before us.

Judy Huddleston received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts and MFA from Eastern Washington University. Her fiction and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Los Angeles Review, The Collagist, Wilderness Press, Mudlark, MinnPost, Wordriot, and other journals. Her nonfiction book, This is the End, My Only Friend, was published in 1991. A native of California, she currently teaches writing at California State University at Monterey Bay.