For Tourists Such As Yourself

Poland loves you, but you never come to Poland. Why is that? We are a big nation. We contain mindful, thriving people. We’ve become safe for tourists such as yourself. We do not condone sex enslavement. There’s enough space for you. We admit we’ve only recently become comfortable with your English language, but the words are coming. They are not yet strong words, but they are getting there. You do not agree? You don’t say much, so it’s hard for Poland to understand. You send so few things to us. A charm bracelet once. It spelled the word courage, but we lost it. We never did say sorry.

Miguel Morales lives in Birmingham, AL. If you live near him you should probably find him. He is always looking for nice people. For more of his stuff, go to JMWW, We Are Champion, Mud Luscious Quarterly, and soon enough, Tarpaulin.