Midnight Koan: Causing a Scene

I had offered the house to a community theatre group for a rehearsal. I watched them rehearse one long scene and then, though it had very gotten late, move on to another. So I moved on, too, picking up their strewn dishes and uneaten food, their cast-off coats and clothing. Then I removed all my own clothes to launder along with theirs. I walked past the group, naked, and on to the laundry room, where I threw everything into the washer and started it: clothes, plates, and a nearly full tray of hors-d’oeuvres.

M.V. Montgomery is the author of two collections of poetry, Strange Conveyances and Joshu Holds a Press Conference. His flash fiction will appear soon in Weirdyear, Cafe Irreal, Two-Bit Magazine, and St. Somewhere.