45 Walker Street

As Julia approached 45 Walker Street, she thought she got the address wrong. The building had no windows and the door looked plain. She rang the doorbell for the third floor, as the email had instructed her to do.

“Hello?” said a woman’s voice.

“Hi, I’m here for an interview,” Julia said.

“Go all they way upstairs and enter the first door on your left.”

As the locked door buzzed to indicate that it was now open, Julia thought to herself that the voice sounded more cheerful than she had anticipated. The long staircase was carpeted and looked very cheep and a bit crooked. Julia was also expecting some strange smells, but there were none.

A small fat woman greeted Julia at the door.

“Hi, I’m Katie, you must be Julia, follow me,” she said, still sounding very sweet.

Julia followed Katie down a long corridor and into a small room with two chairs and a table with magazines on it. She sat and the woman closed the door behind her as she left.

After ten minutes, Julia thought that she possibly was forgotten about, when Colin entered the room. They shook hands, and then Colin sat and stared at Julia for a while before he spoke.

“Well, why do you want to do this?”

“Honestly, I just want to see if I can,” she said. Colin nodded and wrote something down.

“We’ll call you in a week,” he said. “Don’t go to the beach, we need you to stay pale.”

“All Right.”

Colin walked Julia to the front door, shook her hand, abruptly turned around and walked away. A man stumbled out of a room near by, with a little blood trickling down his head. Julia slowly walked down the stairs, careful not to trip, as she was not accustomed to wearing heels.

Kendra Grant Malone lives in Brooklyn. She has two cats who are both really nice people. She has been published in Bearcreekfeed, Dogmatika, 3AM Magazine, Lamination Colony, and more. She has a website at http://kendralovely.blogspot.com.