Sountrack to a Work in Progress

[1] Nirvana, The Man Who Sold the World
“<the examination of history […] is an erudite practice.>” (dr. jay pierson)

[2] The Smashing Pumpkins, Crush
“my heart sank as i stood in the lobby under that great glass wave, here in my own little world, where claire was climbing up away from me, into the trees, her dress beginning to show small sap stains as it blew with the leaves.” (duncan cavendish)

[3] Pearl Jam, Garden
“<for me, isolation seems antithetical to the chief desires of the human mind. yet isolation is intrinsic to our nature. we do not, indeed cannot, meld two minds together.>” (dr. pierson)

[4] Aphex Twin, Untitled
“i don’t know what it was that woke me, but i started awake with the sensation that someone or something had caused it. a vague sensation of being touched, brushed against, maybe a whisper in the ear or merely the feeling of being intensely examined.” (duncan)

[5] Orbita, Know Where to Run
“<the best way to ght off these hallucinogenic attacks,> the reporter said, <is to reconnect with loved ones who can offer emotional sup- port.>” (duncan)

[6] Fugazi, Returning the Screw
“<it is also shown to be probable that a sufficient increase of heat should entirely alter the nature of the body. but yes, you’re right. everything must at last reach equilibrium, changed though it may be.>” (dr. gordon brightly, quoting the 18th century natural philosopher henri cavendish)

[7] A Perfect Circle, Sleeping Beauty
“her scent enveloped me only a second before her arms did, a strange progression that belongs only to people who have a scent and arms with which to embrace you.” (duncan)

[8] Sneaker Pimps, Low Place Like Home
“once some things are lost, we forget we ever had them. if all the world is like that, then death is something to cherish, as hard as it may seem.” (duncan)

[9] Thirdface, Seeing Things Through Water
“my mind accelerated towards a trancelike state, my fingertips lost all feeling, and my eyes became like robots.” (duncan)

[10] Thirdface, What Humans Want
“i make no attempt at conjecture.” (duncan)

[11] Radiohead, How to Disappear Completely
“sometimes, standing in one of life’s many lines, i’ll catch the glint of a Misguise gleaming from the tresses of the citizen in front of me, and i wonder who they’re hiding from. after the initial novelty of the Misguise wore off of the world, the only reason left to don one was to hide in the midst of humanity itself.” (duncan)

[12] Miles Davis, Blue and Green
“there followed a gap in my consciousness, like waking in a different room than the one in which you fell asleep.” (duncan)

DC Young was born in Rhode Island and raised in Nashville, Tennessee before moving to the West Coast in 2000 to pursue a degree in Literature. He currently resides in Seattle. His stories, essays and poetry have appeared in Letter X, Slouch Magazine, Farmhouse Magazine, Grind House Press,and Crossing Rivers into Twilight.